3D I – Evaluation of Anatomy

We were asked this week to evaluate our, and some of our classmates, knowledge of anatomy, and to reflect on what aspects of this would need improvement.

Here are a few drawings from my sketchbook, sorry for the poor quality, but cellphone… It’s mainly life drawings with a couple of muscle studies on the last one.



I do feel that I have a fair grasp on the major workings of the main body, both when it comes to proportions and musculature. Of course there are still a myriad of motions, muscle relationships etc. that are still a bit above me.
Not to mention hands, feet and faces. These I often avoid drawing to some extent, since they really tend to come out a bit odd. But this is of course a very obvious sign that they are what need most work.

The feedback that I got from my classmates was that my grasp of anatomy appeared rather good, but the lack of hands, feet and faces was rather obvious. I have been focusing quite a bit on the main body, as I said before.
And therefore it was suggested that I try to focus more on these parts. The tricky parts. And of course I have to agree, I already know that this is where I lack knowledge and skill, and they very much confirmed this for me.

For the most part I think that the knowledge of anatomy that I lack could be fixed by simply drawing the relevant areas more and studying them more in detail. And when it comes to overall action and body-dynamics it would most likely be of great value to look at other artists, how they manage to create movement and interaction in an effective manner.

Then we were supposed to come up with a plan to attempt improving our knowledge of anatomy over 6 months, with 2 month goals. A very sound thing I must say, and hopefully there will be enough time for me to follow it.

First of all I would like to make anatomy studies to really understand the parts that I need to improve on. This would mean studies of the structure of hands, feet and different faces, applying the theories/techniques that we learned in 2D last year and figuring out what works and how/why.
Ideally I would attempt a few portraits of faces with different character and angle as well, and the same for hands performing different actions. At the moment feet doesn’t seem quite as relevant, so I would rather focus on the other two for now.

Then, of course, I would like to do more life drawing. This helps very much with proportions, gesture lines and general feel of the body’s movement. Unfortunately the life drawing classes that I intended to attend were cancelled, but hopefully there will be another one in the spring. Otherwise I will have to draw from pictures, from pixelovely or such.

At the current level of schoolwork I can’t really imagining being able to spend as much time on improving this as I would have liked though, so I am going to be a bit careful saying that I may be able to spend half an hour to an hour each day on this.

For the first two month goal I would say that I would like to improve on faces primarily.
What I would like is a fair grasp of how faces are constructed, and how to draw them from different angles. Rotating faces and maintaining proportions has always been a big pain.

For the second two month goal I would instead shift over to hands predominantly. This I would do in a more technical manner, studying the construction slightly more in depth than for the face, looking a lot on the bones, tendons and musculature. This since the movement in the hand is quite vital when performing tasks.

And for the final two month goal I would like to have worked more on the overall body, again looking into the anatomy of the main body and how movement affects it.
This part should however not be neglected even during the other months as well. It is quite vital to know movement and dynamics if you want to draw something interesting.

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